Art for me is both a vehicle for thinking and a way to express my thoughts. In the course of the years, depending on life situations, this has taken on many forms, large and small.  Different manifestations, the play of chance, everyday objects. Capturing fleeting moments. Life’s many faces. 


My work as a freelancer has included dozens of different projects. I am a fast-paced person and project work suits me due to its compact nature. The projects have a clear beginning and end. 


In teaching, I enjoy creative interaction, teamwork and inter-disciplinary collaboration. I find it inspiring to work in intercultural, multi-disciplinary situations, with students of different ages. My favourite subjects are sustainable design, concept design and, as a counterpoint, the teaching of special creative techniques in free style. 
Central to my teaching method is the pursuit of a good class atmosphere, a spirit of openness, clear instructions, authentic presence and dialogue.